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New Sun Beam Educational Society®

Colonel Younus Road Hussain Abad Hazara Town, Quetta Pakistan

Dear Students

The result of First Term Examination 2022 has been announced. Best of Luck.  

Pictures of  Position Holders of First Term Examination of Academic Year 2022 (Not yet uploaded)

Result of First Term Examination 2022

Montessori "A" 

Montessori "B"

Montessori "C"

Nursery "A"

Nursery "B"

Nursery "C"

Prep Class

One "A"

One "B"

Two "A"

Two "B"

Three "A"

Three "B"

Fourth "A"

Fourth "B"

Fourth "C"

Fifth "A"

Fifth "B"

Fifth "C"

Sixth "A"

Sixth "B"

Seventh "A"

Seventh "B"

Eighth "A"

Eighth "B"

Ninth "A"

Ninth "B"

Tenth "A"

Tenth "B"